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daddie as a digital fluid painting at paperveins

at the Paperveins Biennial September 2000
by cb cooke
18" x 15" x 5"
Digital Fluid Painting
daddie as a digital fluid painting at paperveins - entrance

what:     cb cooke's new digital fluid painting
what?:    framed & ready for your living room
what??:   the first of it's kind
what???:  "daddie"
what????: daddie + sony flat screen display + g4 cube + speakers

when:     Paperveins - opening - thursday september 7, 2000 - 5-7pm
when?:    september 7 - october 14, 2000

where:    HERE - 6th avenue & spring street - manhattan, new york
Stills From Exhibit
Alternative Museum show

Alternative Museum show

daddie at Paperveins could not have been realized without the support of the following people:

Vigil Wong: curator of the Paperveins Biennial 2000

David Paul: just for his never-ending support and inspiration

Andres Montoya-Montes, Carol Stakenas, Bruce Morrow, David Silverman, Roger Schulte, and Ethan Geto: general support and opinions

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