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cb cooke - still from "daddie" - copyright 1999 cb cooke
[still from "daddie" ©1999 cb cooke]

daddie - statement

"daddie" is a very personal work that explores my father's influence on my psyche. In this piece I struggle with the stringent work ethic that he passed onto me; he forgot to tell me that sometimes you can stop and relax. As I exorcise the demons that this has produced for me, they emerge in my artwork. "daddie" was shot on a train during an excursion to see my father on Father's Day, June, 1999. The camera functioned as a mediator between my resentment toward him and my need to confront the legacies he passed onto me. The images that you see were shot in one continuous sequence, both while the train was sitting still and moving. They used up an entire 4MB disk containing 44 images. The words were recorded two months later directly into my computer as an exercise in stream of consciousness. Listen to what I say and you'll be told about the whole experience. Once I had the words captured in the computer I knew exactly which sequence of images they belonged with. The result is "daddie".

- cb cooke
August 1999

daddie - exhibitions

Sundance Online Film Festival 2001
MIX Festival 2000 & 2001
Papervein's Biennial 2000
Outfest 2000
Park City, UT
New York, NY
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA

cb cooke

cb cooke is an artist who focuses his energies on the integration of digital art and real world objects. His work includes interactive new media installations, mixed media painting, web-based art, and experimental video. Digital and film-based photography serve as the base for all his artworks. He has exhibited at numerous venues including: Creative Time's "Art In The Anchorage", Ricco-Maresca Gallery, The Alternative Museum, OutFest, and The MIX Festival.

cb cooke is creative director for the Glyph Media Group; a new media design firm in New York City. He also produces a weekly digital photography-based experimental video public access show in Manhattan called scopOphilic. Some of his works can be found online at Darklight; a personal, political, and creative web site.

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