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still from 37

12, 28, 37
at the Alternative Museum in April 1999
by cb cooke
96" x 96" x 144"
Interactive new media installation
still from 28
Original Artist Statement
"12, 28, 37" is a triptych of interactive new media works looking at suicide from it's earliest origins (12), to planning it out (28), and finally the madness swirling around your mind that triggers it's thought (37). The work, "12, 28, 37", is an installation that desires the viewer to become engulfed in the creators mind. Suicide is a thought we all contemplate at some point or another and these works look to take you to that edge. What is it that makes you cross the line? Where do the thoughts begin and do they ever go away? Can things get better? What is the final straw?

"12, 28, 37" explore these images and emotions. See if it has relevance to your world, commiserate, feel, and delve into thoughts, which our culture hides and denies. In society today change is happening constantly and it occurs at the speed of light. It's almost impossible to keep up with so sometimes suicide seems like the perfect solution to all the world's problems. Doesn't it.

still from 12
Stills From Installation
Alternative Museum show

Alternative Museum show Alternative Museum show

Alternative Museum show Alternative Museum show

Alternative Museum show Alternative Museum show

12, 28, 37 could not have been realized without the dedicated support of the following people:

Tom Igoe: physical computing production/programming & design

David Paul: Installation design and consulting

Taylor Pardue and Matt Craig: Installation building and consulting

Chris Dunbar: Metalsmith

Andres Montoya-Montes, Carol Stakenas, Bruce Morrow, Roger Schulte, and Ethan Geto: support and consulting

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