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cb looking

My dear friend and collaborator, tobi wong, died on Sunday night May 31, 2010.
The tears will not stop flowing.
I am missing you SO MUCH, Tobi, it hurts.


Tobi call me sticker

Tobias Wong and CB Cooke 2005 at MOMA by CB CookeTobias Wong and CB Cooke 2002 by CB Cooke
Tobias Wong and Jenny Holzer by CB Cooke 2002Tobias Wong with Jenny Holzer tattoo master ink ©2002 by CB Cooke

(Tobi Wong's archival site)

ILOVEYOU Virus CD-ROM Souvenir

by cb cooke with conceptual consultant: tobias wong
Is being sold as part of the Terminal Five exhibit at JFK Airport
Terminal 5 was open October 1, 2004 through January 31, 2005

cb looking